Friday, April 3, 2009

10 days till Demolition

Matt and I are starting to pack all of our kitchen and dining room into boxes before the construction starts. We've made a good dent in the dining room, but that required us to sort of the second bedroom first. See, the books from the dining room are going in the second bedroom, but we needed to clean off the entertainment unit and disassemble it before we could fit the bookcases and books into the room. I've never seen Matt so happy to get rid of a piece of furniture as he was to get that entertainment unit out of our house. He's hated it for almost 10 years, but we've moved it at least three times.

We've started on the kitchen packing, but then ran out of newspaper and boxes. We've also started to thin out what we keep in the pantry and the fridge, so I think that's going to lead to weird eating habits in about a week. Thankfully we've figured out that we'll be able to move the fridge into the basement, so we'll never be without a fridge during the remodel. I did realize that we will be sans microwave for about three weeks. I think fridge trumps microwave, but we'll see how often we end up wishing for a microwave.

In preparation for demolition, we've also started to get Teddy used to a crate. For the most part she's enjoying the crate, but we haven't had her in it for very long yet. She doesn't whine at all in it, if she can see us. If she can't see us, then the whining starts. She's so spoiled and I blame Matt. He blames me, so it works out well.


Cat said...

Cant the microwave plug in in the bedroom?? It doesnt require a kitchen surface does it??

I Hate Swiss Chard said...

Unfortunately it's a built in microwave, so the old one is getting tossed and a new one comes in early May. I think we're going to be using the grill quite a bit.