Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day One


This used to be the peninsula and the dining room. Note the yellow piece of paper taped to the wall. I appreciate that they employ the same tactics we did.

Plastic to try and limit the dust to the rest of the house.

What used to be the kitchen.

It's actually not nearly as bad as I imagined. Of course I've now jinxed us and it will turn wacko tomorrow. The kitchen/dining room actually looks smaller than it did before we pulled everything out.
This pile of wires is exactly why Teddy is currently at the dog walker's.

In case you're curious, this is what our living room currently looks like. A fridge and piles of chaos.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Without the peninsula in there, I feel completely discombobulated.

I'm a fan of professional contractors, but I wonder if they should've let you take a couple whacks with the sledgehammer, just to mitigate the stress.

Moira & Ryan said...

Ooh, but is that the NEW fridge??? It looks all stainless steel to me!

I Hate Swiss Chard said...

I'd be too worried that I'd put the sledgehammer into something that's not supposed to go into. Like the plumbing from the upstairs bathroom.

It is not the new fridge. It's the old one just moved to the living room for the short term. the new fridge and microwave (we are currently microwaveless) arrive in two weeks.

Jess said...

You two going out to a lot of dinners for a while? :) Can't wait to see the finished product!