Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're halfway there

Monday I hit the halfway mark and yesterday we went in for an ultrasound. Our baby girl is looking good. All parts are accounted for and in the right place. We even got a couple of waves during the ultrasound.

I've been feeling her move pretty regularly. I think it feels kind of like when your heart beat is racing and you can feel your blood pumping, but not quite as rhythmic. Then Friday night during dinner I got my first big kick. I looked down and stared at my stomach for a couple of seconds because I couldn't figure out what had happened. Then I couldn't stop smiling because I was so excited.

Matt and I have also started reading to the baby. We generally read children's books, but Matt is reading selected Sports Guy columns to her. I vetoed Roberts Rules of Order. If anyone has suggestions for good books I'd love to hear them. Here's what the baby library currently has.
-Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel
-Eloise (my goal in life for many years was to be her)
-A couple of Dr. Seuss books
-Baby's first Stanford text-board book (a gift from my dad - because it's never to early to start the pressure to be the 5th generation to go)
-Hippos Go Berserk (bought solely for the title)
-The Runaway Bunny


Jeff Boisvert said...

I love the 'Ms. Spider' books, but mostly for the illustration style, which may not help much here.

Gloria said...

I will be sending The Forgetful Bears and 1 Fish 2 Fish(if that is not one of the Dr Suess'that you already have. I also have a fondness for Alexander's No good Horrible very Bad Day, but that's for later. Oh! And Sheep in a Jeep!

Gina said...

Ha! I was coming here to post 'Sheep In A Jeep" - truly hysterical.

"Where The Wild Things Are' - a must-have

"Piggie Pie" - but then I will have to read it to her and do all the voices.

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" "Goodnight Moon"

Anything at all by Sandra Boynton

Anonymous said...

I second Roberts Rules of Order. Also, how about a leg up on memorizing the Preamble?


The Little Prince

Random House Book of Fairy Tales

Chicken Little and Poky Little Puppy (and other fine Golden Book selections)

Lesli said...

Sandra Boynton...hands down. My personal favorite is Moo Baa La La La.

But I would also recommend the Velvatine Rabbit and Some Winnie the Pooh.

Jeff Boisvert said...

Three singing pigs say 'la, la, la'. That was one of Esme's first 'read-along' phrases.

Jess said...

Hooray--half-way there is a wonderful thing!

'Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb' has been a favorite around here--very rythmic. 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' is also good for rythmic reading.

I read aloud to my kids a lot when they were infants (helped the nursing time go by faster). I just pulled my favorite children's books from the shelf..Alice in Wonderland, Little House books, (of course) Harry Potter and sometimes even whatever adult book I was trying to read at the time.

She won't care much what you're reading, as long as she hears your although Roberts Rules is HUGELY dorky, if Matt wants to read to baby girl, let him.

Gina said...

"Llama Llama Red Pajama"

Just because I love the title.

Natascha said...

I can recommend some great German books and then volunteer to come over and laugh at the gibberish :-) Congrats guys! Michael