Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am a slacker

I haven't been writing, not because anything is wrong, but because I seem to have lost the ability to put thoughts into words. Not only can I not bring the funny, I can barely bring the English.

Everything is going just fine with the pregnancy. We've seen the heartbeat a couple of times, and we have our first appointment with my regular OB this afternoon. I am now nine weeks along, and my due date is March 29th. We have told just about everyone, except my office. I have a meeting tomorrow to tell the President, and then everyone will know. I am telling work a little early, but my due date is two weeks after I'm supposed to be in Las Vegas for our big show, and we need the time to plan on how we're going to do it with one less person. There's also rumors going around my office that I'm interviewing for a new job, so I'd like to put those to rest before they get out of hand. Also, someone asked me this morning if my doctor's appointment is because I'm pregnant. Maybe I'm showing more than I thought.

For the most part I'm feeling ok during the day, but the evenings I start to go downhill and feel pretty bad. I do have some good nights, like last night when I insisted on burgers and fries for dinner followed by going out for ice cream, but most nights the smell of food does a number on my stomach.


Jeff Boisvert said...

I'm sure Obama will be thrilled at the news!

I Hate Swiss Chard said...

We're BFF. Didn't you know?