Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Ultrasound

Today we had our first ultrasound of the pregnancy and everything looks good. We were able to see the heartbeat and we have a due date of March 29. Based on my blood tests we thought there might be twins, but when we saw only one I think we both were a little relieved. With the level of exhaustion and nausea I'm currently having with one, I don't think you'd ever get me out of bed if it was two.

I go in for another ultrasound and then I move from the fertility specialist to my regular OB/GYN. For right now I'm having ultrasounds every 10 days between the two doctors. Once that level goes down I think I'm going to be a little wound up between appointments. I do not know how people did it before they could look every few weeks and check up on the baby's progress.

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Natascha said...

Isn't that first ultrasound just totally the coolest thing ever? I remember the showing me the heartbeat so I could see it....I mean I was just bowled over. Ultrasounds were my favorite ...a little peek into all the weirdness going on inside me. Michael always joked that he would freak out if he had to deal with the concept of a being growing inside him. Kind of like the Alien movies. I say men just don't get to experience one of the most wonderful things God gave us women. But to each his own. Glad to hear numbers are all looking good. Prayers are still coming your way :). So excited for you guys. I get it. I get how much having a child means. We faced our own challenges...but that's perhaps another story for another time :).