Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring is here!

This morning I woke up just about as the sun came up to go to the Alexandria Farmer's Market. Most of the stands were set up, but the there were still some of the vendors setting up as we left. Jen and I did a lap around so I could get coffee and we could see what was there. We picked up bread (a baguette, a sourdough boule, and a loaf of cinnamon bread), asparagus, lettuce, strawberries, basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, eggs, ramps, and flowers. I had thought I had grab too big of a bag, but ended up with almost no room left.

For lunch today, I cut up some of the strawberries and sprinkled with a tiny bit of sugar (less than 1/2 tsp for 1 c. of strawberries to help bring out the juice). I was surprised at how ripe they were for being so early in the season.

For the flowers I picked up two of my favorites, lilac and peony. They're truly a maker of spring.

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