Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

And happy third trimester! Actually I started the third trimester right before Christmas, but close enough. Things are going along very well. I've started at the doctor's every two weeks, we've started child birth classes, and the baby has officially kicked Teddy in the head while curling up on my stomach. Teddy didn't seem fazed by it.

Teddy tangent - we bought a baby doll and started carrying it around the house and having it lay on our bed and the couch so Teddy can get used to it. The first time we brought out the baby she just wanted to sniff it. Then we put the baby on the couch and Teddy wasn't allowed to lay on the baby. Teddy got a little ticked off, started pouting and then went upstairs. We went up later and Teddy had gone to the bathroom on the couch to show us how unhappy she was. Lovely. Since then she's been good with the baby and is beginning to understand that the baby is not a headrest.

It's getting really busy and I've started to realize that we don't have that much more time till the baby comes. Matt's traveling a bunch this month, I have a trip to Miami, and we have family coming into town this weekend for a family baby shower. I'm excited to see all the family because the last time I saw most of them I was just beginning to show. Now I look like I swallowed a watermelon.

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