Thursday, December 17, 2009

Signs of things to come

As of this morning I can no longer fit into my non-maternity coats. Thankfully my mother bought me a pretty coat while I was in CA, but I have my fingers crossed that it will get me through the East Coast winter. Next week starts the beginning of the third trimester (which is an additional freakout) so I figure by the end of January I will not longer be able to wear any of the regular clothes I had been making work as maternity clothes.

I've also started wearing long earrings every day. I figure I'll have to put them all away for about 5 years in a few months so I might get some use out of them before I put them away.

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Cat said...

Oh earrings...I remember them!

I had great success with a $25 fake down puffy three quarter length coat from Walmart when pregnant. I was commuting using public transport though, so you may not need one that warm if you drive everywhere, but if you do, check them out. It did a marvelous job!