Friday, September 11, 2009

Babies On The Brain

Today our interim president at work became the proud daddy to a new baby girl named Emma. He hand his partner used a surrogate and she lives in San Diego, so he's out there for the birth. San Diego's an excellent city to be born in, if I do say so myself. Contrary to popular belief it does not make you an instant surfer.

I am doing well as I'm about to enter my last week of the first trimester. Most of the nausea has passed, but this week I did learn the hard way that I shouldn't take the trash out anymore. Teddy was kind enough to get out of the way before I threw up on her.

This weekend I'm planning my first trip to the baby store to start figuring out what we need. Any recommendations that people have for baby gear I would appreciate. Matt's keeping a spreadsheet of all recommendations (along with a spreadsheet of baby-related spreadsheets) because he's way more organized than I am. Next week I have my next appointment and ultrasound so we get to see how big the baby's gotten. Last time it looked like a gummy bear, so we'll see what it looks like now.


Lesli said...

At 1 am I can't think of the must haves right now...but I can think of one "do without"..the Boppy. Just use a freakin pillow :) Worked for moms for years. It is $50 you can spend on something else.

Jeff Boisvert said...

People will tell you that you do not need a diaper genie. I agree with that, you don't need one until the poop smells. Then you really need one.

Cat said...

I second that. I was a non believer. Then Esme ate people food. God. Get the one with the foot pedal though, I think it is the Elite. Works like a charm.